World Conference on Disaster Management ruined by disastrous lack of Donuts and Coffee

Yesterday kicked off the World Conference of Disaster Management in Toronto. The convention pulls in all the worlds top emergency planners. In an ironic twist, poor planning has cause major issues with the conference, no coffee was ordered.

no Coffee

No Coffee = Disaster

The caffeine is needed for attendees to keep awake during dry lectures about worst case scenarios we all know will never happen.

One attendee told us how he was looking forward to the keynote speaker Peter Power, a former Scotland Yard anti-terrorism officer and now a crisis management consultant. “This guy knows his shit. Seriously he did a disaster drill on July 7, 2005. Later that same day a real event took place that was just like the drill. He knows what bad guys will do and how to get us ready… but he is British and has the dam dry British humor.”

Many attendees echoed the concern. They want to see Mr. Power, but they fear the lack of Coffee cause them to fall asleep.

Event planners refused to comment on the situation. Likewise Mr. Power has not returned emails by the time of publication.

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