Keyboard commanders to be awarded meritorious service awards

Scroll the comments on any video posted online, showing firefighters or police officers working. You will likely read multiple instances of folks posting how something is being done wrong. Likewise, there will also be posts about how gear is not being worn or utilised properly.

Facebook-Warfighter-Ribbon-CroppedThe International Brotherhood of Smoke Eaters and the Fraternal Society of Gumshoes teamed up to create a new service award. The first annual presentations were handed out on December 1 at a banquet held in Washington DC. The recipients this year include

Joshua Albert – For exemplary observation skills in pointing out on over 24 posts instances of firefighters with irregularities in how turn-out gear was being worn. Example include improperly secured helmet chinstraps, missing hoods under helmets, and lack of SCBAs.

Nick Locarno – For his gallantry assessing the need for firefighters to change attack tactics. On ten occasions, Locarno pointed out that fire crews doing exterior attacks could quickly make entry and make an interior attack. Also, Nick had five instances of questioning why an interior attack was made when clearly (due to an injury or mayday) a defensive attack should have been made.

Jean Hajar – For valor in addressing police use of force videos by pointing out the time officer should have shot. On six different occasions, she was able to point out how the officer should have shot sooner, on average 3 seconds sooner. Hajar is also responsible for pointing out on three videos when officers should have abandoned less lethal options and used a firearm instead.

Wes Crusher – For his dauntless effort of critiquing how officers conduct traffic stops. Crusher pointed out a record 42 times LEOs committed violated officer safety guidelines when making contact with drivers. Wes made mention of multiple instances of officers standing in front of the b-pillars on cars, holding objects in their dominate hand (making drawing a weapon difficult), conducting SFSTs in an hazardous location and many others.

Honorable mention is being given to Reggie Cup a civilian. Reggie as a taxpayer always is monitoring the resources being used at scenes. Mr. Cup pointed out at least 100 situations where police and fire departments seem to be wasting tax payer money.

We congratulate this first group of keyboard commanders. For all the other folks doing ICS from the comment section, we encourage you to keep up the good work. Maybe next year you will earn this prestigious award.

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The staff at the CallTheCops are all people who now or at one time did work as police, firefighters, in EMS and even dispatch.