Police adopt new response model in wake of McKinney, TX incident

By now everyone has seen the viral video of the officer responding to a trespassing complaint in McKinney, TX. Due to negative backlash Police all over the US are being advised to adopt a new response model. That new model is summed up with the quote “ask for compliance, if you don’t get it go back on patrol”.

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 1.14.18 PMIf you are not up to speed here is what took place. A resident of the King Ranch subdivision held a party in a neighborhood park. That park is next to a private gated swimming pool. Party goes jumped the fence to use the pool, a violation of the local home owners association (HOA) rules.

An HOA member called the police, asking to have the kids removed from the pool. An officer arrived and asked the teenagers to go. Some teens decided no to listen to the officer. He then tried to physically remove the trespassers. That physical altercation became a viral video, with many people upset over “brutal police tactics”.

Now the Department of Justice has issued a memo to all US Police. That memo asks that police stop all use of physical force unless only in true cases of self defense. The new rules of engagement call for officers to ask for compliance and if they don’t get it the officer should just walk away.

The DOJ sees this as a way improve the relations between police and members of the community by limiting police use of force incidents.

Citizens we talked to were divided on this issue. Some felt it was a step in the right direction of limiting police powers. Other quested how any laws will ever be enforced with cops just walking away from bad guys.

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