Police Chiefs no longer want liberal Criminal Justice degree graduates as cops

As university graduation season comes to an end many young people are in for a rude awakening. Some employers don’t want people with the degrees they have worked for years to earn.

For decades many universities have placed Criminal Justice degrees under the Dean of Liberal Arts. Meaning these degrees were all about history and theory about deviance and social justice. Few liberal arts Criminal Justice degrees programs actually covered police tactics.

Recently as liberal anti-police feelings have grown these CJ programs have shifted to also bashing police.

Chief Irving from Sothern California explained it this way. “We got a group of rookies who only want to argue with training officers. One kid said he refused to arrest anyone due to the stigma an arrest can have on their general wellbeing.”

Countless police administrators echo the complaints of Chief Irving.

Deputy Chief Billets told us about a rookie who would not issue traffic tickets. “This kid id out there pulling over speeders and then having them research traffic crash statistics and write an essay. He claims tickets unfairly penalize the poor. Better to have people learn a lesson in traffic safety than perpetuating a paupers prison system.”

Most of the Chiefs we talked to said they will no longer hire kids with a Criminal Justice degree. Degrees with real world skills like communications or human resources were pointed out as what future cops should have.

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