Kelly Grayson kicks off EMS civil war

Over the weekend EMS Blogger Kelly Grayson fired the first shot in what is quickly becoming known as the EMS Civil War. That shot came in the form of a simple Facebook post stating he was going to unlike a number of EMS Facebook pages.

Kelly-GraysonSomeone took a screenshot of the posting and posted it to one of the allegedly unprofessional EMS pages. Kelly simply stated that EMS pages were becoming “Way too much derpitude, douchebaggery, dumbassery and tee shirt ads for me”. The comment sections soon exploded. EMTs and Paramedics became divided.

Some EMS workers took the stance that anyone who does not like EMS Facebook pages has a case of “Butthurt”. Others took the stance that inappropriate things are being posted and pages need to become more professional. These online comment fights soon spilled over into the real world.

EMT John Church saw a comment his partner EMT Steve Hennig made on the posting. EMT Church asked EMT Hennig about it. The two were sitting post at a local MacDonalds and soon the 911 center got a call about a fist fight next to the ambulance from a third party.

The case of EMTs Church and Hennig are not isolated incidents. Crews across the US started to bicker about butthurt vs professionalism. Bickering has lead to all manner of physical fights. One EMT allegedly shocked his partner on the butt with a Defib unit saying “I will show you what Butthurt truly is you asshat”

EMS Director Brynn Stults told CallTheCops this, “I had to re-assign a quarter of my people. Crews that once loved each other now are at odds. I seriously had to go onto Facebook and check to see if people “Liked” some dam page or not before making them partners.”

In unrelated news TeeSpring announced record sales as shirts with slogans about Butthurt and slogans about EMS Professionalism have sky-rocked.

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