Divorce rate among cops up 300% after KP from FitCops announces she is single

KP the founder of the motivational brand FitCops recently announced an ending to her marriage. Almost instantly tens of thousands of her followers cheered in unison.

Her announcement sparked a multitude of debates. Many of these debates centered on the following four questions.
Was she already seeing someone new?
If not, was she looking for a new person to date?
What are her standards?
Would she say yes if I asked her out?

Police spouses started catching their loved ones daydreaming about KP. Innocent online comments in a private group suddenly turned into real world legal troubles.

One spouse told us this. “My man and his buddies are always talking about how they get hit on by so called BadgeBunnies. Now they have turned into a bunch of BadgeBunnies drooling over this lady cop from Texas twerking.”

Troubles for LEOs became worse after FitCops started a subscription ConnectPal page. This ConnectPal page posts items deemed too racy or sexually provocative for public social media. LEOs suddenly were having to explain to spouses why they needed to pay a small subscription to see semi-nude photos online.

A different spouse shared this thought. “It has always been hard being the husband to a female cop. Now my wife is at the gym all the damn time to try to get this perfect squat booty to. She canceled our spring vacation to Branson, MO so she can make the next FitCops BBQ in Dallas. It is like I don’t exist anymore.”

When we reached out to KP she wanted to keep the details of her personal life private. She did, however, offer this quote. “Everyone wants to blame their relationship drama on FitCops… it’s not us… it’s the choices YOU made.”

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