Family sues EMS service for emotional distress after seeing Lucas2 used on Grandpa

The Fox Medows EMS service is facing a $1 Million dollar civil lawsuit from the family of a heart attack victim. The Family is claiming emotional distress after seeing their grandfather squeezed to death by a Lucas2 CPR machine.

FMEMS responded to a call of a man with chest pains back in April. Upon their arrival, they found the man to be pulseless nonbreathing. As per policy, they started manual CPR and also hooked the man up to their Lucas2 device.

“They put grandpa Jeff into this horrific looking machine. Next thing I know I see it crushing his chest. I could hear the sound of his ribs breaking.”

The EMS crew transported the patient to the closest ER where he was pronounced dead. An autopsy showed he died of a massive heart attack.

The attending doctor from the ER commented how this was an ST Elevation Myocardial Infarction. “With how long the patient waited before calling 911 it was likely not survivable no matter what treatment the paramedics did.”

The family is not convinced. They point out the autopsy list multiple broken rib bones and bruising to the chest area.

“Those ambulance drivers killed our grandpa. That machine crushed him and squeezed all the blood out of his heart. If they had not used that torture machine grandpa would be here today. We know it.”

The chief of Fox Medows EMS declined to comment on the advice of the city attorney.

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