Firefighters from Engine 42 unable to respond to call after doing CrossFit 18.2

Firefighters from Engine 42 are known as a fit hardworking crew. Much of their high fitness level can be attributed to Captain McMillen from A shift who co-owns a CrossFit gym.

Currently, CrossFit enthusiasts are involved in something they call “the open”. It is a weekly workout done in hopes to qualify for the CrossFit games. Capt. McMillen decided all members of her shift would join the open for team building.

Last Thursday the second open workout was announced, called 18.2. This workout involved ten rounds of doing squats holding dumbbells and burpees. People start the first round doing one of each movement and added a rep each round. After completing the ten round participants needed to find the heaviest weight they could squat clean.

This workout was limited to twelve minutes so people were encouraged to finish the ten rounds of burpees as fast as possible. More time on the clock after the burpees allowed people more attempts for a heavy lift.

Members of A shift were on-duty Monday and decided to challenge 18.2 mid-shift. Firefighter Adam Dent promptly ran outside to vomit once completing the workout. Likewise, Lt. Marvin Ford was unable to stand up for nearly half an hour after completing his workout.

At just after three in the afternoon Engine 42 received a call of a structure fire. With much of the crew incapacitated Engine 42 had to place themselves out of service. Engine 27 then was forced to cover the call.

City officials have pledged a full investigation into this incident.

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