National Donut day adds 1% body fat to NYPD’s fittest cop

Officer Michael Counihan started his shift on June 2 like any other. Shift briefing and then heading out to his patrol assignment. Today, however, something different happened at the briefing a table filled with donuts in honor of National Donut day.

Counihan, otherwise known on Instagram as @NoDonutsHere is a fitness machine. Currently, he is in the running for “The Ultimate Men’s Health Guy Seach” and keeping to a strict diet and workout regiment.

Peer pressure from other officers was too much. Counihan soon found himself with a donut in his hand. “It was the sprinkles that got me. Once I had one I could not help myself.”

Witnesses say he tore into about a dozen donuts before the Lt told him to stop and share with other officers. Then out on the street, various businesses offered him some tasty treats also.

“I think all told I ate about eighteen donuts today. Which is between 3,000 and 4,000 calories. It might take me a day or two to burn this off.”

Officer Counihan told us after shift he would be taking three scoops of Megawatt preworkout and then hit the gym doubly hard.

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