MRAPs that can’t go to police will go to EMS for bariatric transports

After the Obama administration said they would stop the police from getting Military Surplus equipment the military is trying to find other ways to recycle gear. When it comes to the MRAP vehicles the Military has found the perfect home, EMS services.



EMS services have been for years complaining about the need for heavy duty vehicles for bariatric patients. The military sees the super heavy duty MRAP as the perfect bariatric transport unit.

Many worry that cities will still abuse the use of MRAPS by allowing police to borrow the white panted MRAPs.

Police spokes people want to assure the public that no police will ever get into on of these bariatric transport MRAPs. “Fact is SWAT guys will only ever ride in a vehicle painted black. If that thing is not tactical black then our boys will not go near it. Meaning you can rest easy knowing cops can’t abuse the new EMS vehicles.”

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