Special Report: Desk Sergeant just wants to drink coffee and be left alone

Officers on day shift are advising to keep away from the desk sergeant. Three rookie officers have already received serious ass chewings.

According to eyewitnesses, the shift started off normal with the briefing. Soon after everything went downhill. One officer claims it all has to do with the Keurig not working right.

“I saw Sgt. Mankiewicz back in the squad room running cleaning solution in the coffee maker for like twenty minutes. He was bitching up a storm. I think something was wrong with it.”

Eventually, the machine must have started working. Officers state he is currently sitting at his desk with a steaming cup. The veteran officers still advise keeping clear for the rest of shift.

“Oh, I have seen it when he is in a mood like this. You better just keep clear or else.”

One young officer found out about Sgt. Mankiewicz’s poor mood the hard way. Witnesses say the rookie had a question about submitting a vacation request. The sergeant did not even look up he just growled and told the kid to go away.

We will update this story as his mood changes.

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