Sale of CopBlock uncertain due to buyers blowing all their money on weed.

Anti-police group CopBlock has put their web site and all business assets up for sale. The pending sale might be treated due to potential buyers spending all their cash on weed.

The sale of CopBlock comes as their leader Ademo was arrested earlier this year on drug trafficking charges in Ohio.

Many members of CopBlock have claimed they would like to take over the business. Unfortunately, none seem to have the cash. We talked to one member who goes by the screen name KC Smalls, a twenty-seven-year-old unemployed college dropout.

“I would like totally buy out Ademo but my mom keeps ragging on me to pay her rent for living in the basement. She gets me all stresses out so I need to go smoke a bowl to chill ya’ know.”

Other CopBlock members report similar problems.

Another member who goes by the screen name PoPoPatrol said this. “Five of us all pooled our money to have enough to buy it out. But then we said we should have a little part to celebrate becoming in charge of CopBlock. Next thing we know all the money we saved was gone. But wow did we have an awesome party.”

Attempts to contact Ademo for comment have not been replied to.

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