Steven Seagal on short list for new FBI director

In the weeks after the FBI director was fired there has been speculation as to who will take over as America’s top cop. A White House insider has provided CallTheCops with a tip about one name on the list. Actor and reserve deputy Steven Seagal.

Talking to us anonymously our source said the next FBI director needs to be someone with police experience and able to work with the current administration.

“Deputy Seagal would be a good fit. He has spent two decades as a deputy for Jefferson Parish, Louisiana. As an actor, he has trained with military special forces and many levels of Law Enforcement.”

Seagal got involved in Hollywood due to his background in Aikido. At one time he owned a dojo in Japan and later in California. His reputation in training others lead to his first acting gig in the movie Above The Law.

In addition, Seagal had been contracted to teach Aikido to Russian Special Forces Units. This training has given Seagal a personal relationship with Vladimir Putin.

“His connection with Putin helps his chances. With the investigation into Russian hackers trying to rig the election, the FBI Director needs to be respected by the Russians. This is the man who can move this investigation forward.”

All of the FBI agents we talked to unwilling to go on record with their opinion on Seagal for the Director role.

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