Obama considering national house arrest quarantine to combat ebola

Earlier this week the first case Ebola in the USA was reported. In response the CDC is recommending that all Americans be confined to house arrest for four weeks to prevent spreading the illness.



If the plan were implemented all Americans would be put into a state of house arrest. The three week quarantine would ensure the virus could not be spread any more. According to sources inside the CDC the plan calls for the quarantine to start 12 hours after it would be announced.

Before any public announcement can be made the government will make arrangements with grocery chains to become overstocked on food. Once the announcement was made the population would have 12 hours to stock up for four weeks of isolation.

Our source claims that various pre-screened police, fire and EMS employees would be quarantined at their departments. In the event of an emergency they could respond in HAZMAT suits to address the problem. Persons calling 911 to report Ebola illnesses will be transported to specific hospitals in each state for care. Family members who are not symptomatic will be transported to other specific hospitals for monitoring.

People breaking quarantine will be arrested and transported to internment camps. These camps will be both a temporary jail for breaking the rules of quarantine and provide monitoring for symptom development.

An internal memo states “with the country on lockdown there is no way to spread the virus. The incubation time of Ebola is about three weeks. By keeping people in quarantine for four weeks we can identify all cases of the illness before allowing people back out on the streets. This limits the outbreak and will ensure our continued way of life.”

The White House is not responding to information requests from CallTheCops at this time.

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