Mayor bans Police and Fire employees from Memorial Murph

On Monday as part of Memorial Day many people will participate in what is called the Memorial Murph workout. This workout is in honor of US Navy SEAL LT. Michael P. Murphy. Mayor William Stranix has issued an order that no city police or fire employee can be involved in this workout.

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DOJ releases device to prevent filming police

Police will soon be equipped with a device to prevent citizens from filming them. This device the Department of Justice (DOJ) has be developing under the codename dazzler. The Dazzler sends out pulses of light that causes lens flare and color distortions in a limited zone.

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New level of Ambulance care to be pilot tested


Most ambulances can be classified as ALS or BLS units. Soon a new acronym might become common to hear, NET for Non-Emergency health care Transport. BLS or Basic Life support are ambulances staffed mostly by EMTs. These ambulances have oxygen, ...

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