Record number of police hurt on duty due to fears of fighting back

In the wake of high profile police use of force incidents many police are now fearful of using any force. The fear of using force has reached such a level that now many police rather get hurt than try to fight back. Police administrators are dumbfounded on how to fix the issue.

Police_GunOfficer Nick Hendricks was recently in a violent encounter on duty. That contact left Officer Hendricks in the hospital. The officer is still on short term disability and told us this.

“Look I could see all the people recording me. I felt like I have two options. Draw my weapon and shot the guy, or take a beating till he took my gun and shot me. If had shot him I would be the bad guy. My family would be targets of hate and likely the legal bills would pile up. If I died my Wife and kids would get a ton of insurance money and community support. So the logical thing was not fighting back.”

Officer Hendricks was lucky as backup arrived to subdue the suspect. A suspect who was unarmed but high on a mix of meth, alcohol, and pot.

All across the US police agencies are telling CallTheCops that police are afraid to defend themselves. Common statement we keep hearing are

“I don’t want to be the guy to kick off the next big riot”

“You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain”

“No matter what I do it will be wrong, so better to do nothing”

One chief is trying to motivate his officers to fight back. At the start of every shift he makes them say the phrase “Better to be judged by twelve then carried by six”.

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