Police officers claim to be “body shamed” by co-workers sharing fitcops Facebook posts

Fitcops on Facebook has exploded in popularity unlike any other public safety fitness related page. Many attribute the popularity to the never ending stream of selfies being posted by half naked police officers and police supporters. Out of shape police are saying all these fitness selfies are causing them body image issues.

KP from Fitcops

KP from Fitcops

Officer Harold Johnson says he is suffering mental anguish from all his pals sharing all these fitness posts. “This is creating an unrealistic expectation for us male police officers. All these muscle bound dudes with biceps about to split open a uniform shirt make us normal guys feel inadequate.”

Accordingly Officer Johnson says he now is in the gym daily doing curls. After weeks of doing arm routines he says he is only seeing a minimum amount of gains.

Likewise Sgt. Richard Gozinya says his leadership ability is suffering due to all the fitness selfies. “All see all this muscled up guys and these super tone ladies. Then I look at myself and when I get home I look at the wife. We don’t look like that, we never have. Now I am questioning if I should be in police work, let a lone should be leading cops.”

Police administrators and union officials are saying they get complaint after complaint about officers creating hostile working environments due to fitness posts. In addition prudish cops are complaining about how much skin co-workers are showing.

Captain Anita Longerman feels that her officers are being disrespectful by posting these selfies. “Just look at these photos. There is so little left to the imagination. How can I look at these images of my officers and then look them in the eye five minutes later with out mentally picturing their oiled up muscles?”

All the fitcop supporters we talked to said these babies need to stop crying and go lift some weights.

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