Mayor bans Police and Fire employees from Memorial Murph

On Monday as part of Memorial Day many people will participate in what is called the Memorial Murph workout. This workout is in honor of US Navy SEAL LT. Michael P. Murphy. Mayor William Stranix has issued an order that no city police or fire employee can be involved in this workout.

MurphA Memorial Murph work out starts with a 1 mile run. Then do 100 pull ups, 200 push ups, and 300 air squats. Finally run 1 mile for a second time. All this is done wearing a twenty pound vest or body armor.

Mayor Stranix reports that last year too many city employees were hurt doing this Murphy workout. “On Tuesday after memorial day we had four cops and three firefighter call in sick due to pulled muscles. We also had multiple public safety workers at work, but under preforming due to extreme soreness and torn calluses on hands.”

According to the mayor one city employee ended up on long term disability due to a kidney issues resulting from working out too hard. That issue known as rhabdomyolysis can be deadly if not treated.

Police Chief Casey Ryback is abhorred by this order from city hall. “Last year was an abnormality. We had some guys join the workout without preparing for it. This year all the cops and firefighters who are going to do the WOD have been working for months. Canceling it will kill their morale.”

Fire Chief Jordan Tate echoes the Police Chief’s comments. Chief Tate was not willing to go on record as she is one of the firefighters planning to complete the Murph WOD.

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