Firefighters terminated for helping with wedding proposal

Firefighters from the city of Harrison are in hot water after helping a member propose to his girlfriend. The issue comes due to the firefighters pulling a surprise fire drill at Poseidon Grade School.

Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 9.46.11 AMChief Frank Scott explains how the event unfolded. “Lt Mike Rogo was talking to a few guys at the start of shift about how he could pop the big question. Next thing you know they jump in Engine 6 and head to the school.”

According to reports obtained by CallTheCops the crew did enter the school and tell the principle they would be doing a drill. The principle seemed taken back by the idea of a drill, but did agree to set off the alarm system.

Lt. Rogo’s Girlfriend, Linda, is a fourth grade teacher. He made sure to position himself near the exits by her classroom. Once all the children were outside the building Mike walked up to Linda and dropped to a knee.

Linda said yes.

Unfortunately Principle Martin saw the proposal. He then questioned the validity of this fire drill.

According to a complaint filed by Martin, “Children were put in danger as they did not know if it was a drill or real. Kids could have tripped on stairs or been trampled. In real drills we have to accept this risk, but for this I should not. In addition many kids were not able to concentrate upon returning to class. Thus we lost many hours of instructional time.”

City officials are upset by the wasted fuel and maintenance on the fire engine. In addition to the wasted wages of one city employee proposing to another city employee when both should be working their jobs.

Due to the official complaint and pressure from city hall all the crew members from Engine 6 working that day have been fired.

Union officials say they are talking to the firefighter and to the city.

We will update this story as more details come out.

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