Missing EMTs do not have Ebola, but a STD instead.

We reported on Aug 6, 2014 that up to 15 EMS workers were missing after a call at a local motel. It was rumored that that had contracted Ebola from a patient who had just come from one of the West African States where this plague is spreading.



Today all 15 have been accounted for, and the truth is rather “out there.”

It seems that one of their colleagues knew what really happened at the motel and made a joke in the locker room about Ebola. This joke was taken literally and spread like a wildfire to the news media including this reporter.

In fact all 15 employees were having a rather adult themed costume party. Well it seems that one, or more, of the attendees had a rather strong social disease and spread it to the others. Several needed repeated Gamma Globulin shots to the buttocks and stayed home due to the painful side effects of the shots. All 15 have been treated and are back to duty.

This reported apologies to the loyal readers of Call the Cops and will refrain from speculative reporting in the future. I am now off to the clinic to get tested.

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