All US Ambulances ordered out of service due to racist design

The federal government has issued a cease and desist order to all state department of health agencies ordering all EMS agencies to stop using their ambulances. Any ambulance made under the current US standards the Obama administration is claiming has a racist design.

President Obama was alerted by his staff that in the United States ambulances are made to comply with KKK Specifications. That specification, KKK-A-1822 was first developed and published by the US General Services Administration in 1970s as the purchasing specifications for federal ambulances.

Standard KKK-A-1822 has been adopted into NFPA 1917 for all fire based EMS units.

White House staff said that US ambulances would be allowed back in service as soon as a new standard could be written. In ordered for the standard to be considered completely new at least 35% of the wording in KKK-A-1822 needs to be changed.

NFPA 1917 will then also need to adopt the new standards before any fire EMS ambulances can be put back on the road.

Public Safety officials worry about the new wording. “A change that big to the standard means we will have to do some major remodeling to our vehicles or just flat out buy new ones. Meaning once that standard is written we will still be out of service for a few weeks” said chief Anderson.

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