Rumor: 15 EMTs/Paramedics in the US have contracted Ebola



Concerns over a US based Ebola an outbreak has been heightened after two people with the virus were transported here. Now many unconfirmed reports are indicating that patients at various hospitals in the US are under quarantine suspected if Ebola contamination.

Call the Cops has learned about fifteen EMS workers from the Eastern Seaboard that have mysteriously vanished over the last few days. Based on facts known to co-workers of these missing EMS workers the only conclusion is they have been stricken with Ebola.

EMT Casey Schuler, who works for Keough EMS service in New Jersey, tells us about two missing co-workers.

“We got this call to go pick a guy up at a hotel. Maid found him in his room. He was vomiting up blood and was all delirious. I was driving so I never made contact with him. But the two others on the crew he puked up some blood right on them. Anyhow we drop him at the ER and head back to the station so the guys can shower and get new uniforms.

Next thing you know the station is filled with people in HAZMAT get up. They take all three of us and our rig to some warehouse. Only once inside it is not a warehouse it has hospital beds inside these tents.

The HAZMAT people pull blood from each of us. The next day they send me home. A couple of pissed off looking Federal Agents tell me to keep my mouth shut or I would face prison time for some national security mumbo-jumbo.

When I went back to work the boss was saying my two co-workers would be out sick on worker comp. Said they both lifted a patient wrong and got a back injury. I know that was a total made up story. Those guys never got hurt backs.”

Other EMS providers report similar stories. Calls for people with odd ailments, followed up by a visit from Federal agents in HAZMAT gear. The crews go missing and equipment is confiscated.

No one else was willing to go on the record due to the stern national security warnings being given.

Doctor Sam Daniels, the Medical Director for Keough EMS told us his employees are out sick for a lifting injury. He wanted readers of CallTheCops to know there is no way any Outbreak is upon us.

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