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From time to time we allow Guests to contribute a one time article or submit something as an audition for being a regular staff writer.

Fire chief in hot water over pyramid scheme recruitment

Chief Dan McDaniel is currently suspended from duty as the city investigates allegations of using his department to recruit for pyramid schemes his family works. The chief and his wife are distributors for multiple direct sales marketing programs. Allegedly a requirement of being a member of the FD is to sign up for one of their direct selling programs.

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Fire Dept. develops new Medical Marijuana Policy

In response to the Legalization medical Marijuana grow operations and dispensaries Allenadge Fire Chief Jimmy Marin expressed concerns that it was merely a matter of time before his department was “stuck dealing with" an emergency at one of these facilities.

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The Truth Behind NFPA 1901 – The Solution to the Age Old Red / Yellow Debate

The Fire service has been deeply rooted in tradition, for decades fire apparatus has been red adorned with gold lettering, in the 1970’s some departments experimented with “Lime Green” which was more of a safety yellow, was said to improve the recognition of fire apparatus in traffic thus preventing accidents and injuries. This trend sparked the great red/yellow debate.

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