Executive Order halts the hiring of any White Male Police officers

President Obama announced a stunning new plan to heal the disconnect between American Police and the African American community. From today until the day he leaves office US Police and Sheriff’s departments are banned from hiring white male police.

Obama_GolfThe proclamation is being handed out as an executive order. This order came as Obama is still on his annual holiday vacation to Hawaii.

Speaking to the press from the tee box on the fifth hole the President said this about the order. “It is obvious this nation is still using the good-old-boys network to find police. Most Black men don’t have connections at police agencies so I will be the one to step up and fix this problem.”

When one reporter mentioned the reason for few black police is due to how few black people apply for police work the President replied “There are many minorities who want to apply but don’t because they know it is futile waste of time. They know they will not make it past the first interview round. So by putting a moratorium on hiring white males that will incentivise minorities to finally start to apply in greater numbers.”

The president seemed to feel his plan will start the healing process between US police forces and civilians. He said he realizes it takes time to hire and train new officers but the President seemed confident in this plan.

“This will take time, but trust me in two years the police will look at lot less scary to people”.

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