Firefighters Terminated for Testing Positive for THC after Medical Pot dispensary fire

BY: Captain Dom Chaos

Two firefighters who work for the Great Falls Fire Dept. both hired in 2008 are off the Job permanently today after testing positive for Marijuana. The un-named firefighters who are also volunteers for the Allenadge City Fire dept. are claiming the positive test is as a result of smoke inhalation from the recent fire at “Dr. Raggs Weed Dispensary.”

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FiredThe firefighters referred to as Firefighter A and Firefighter B in the media release, have been volunteers of the Allenadge fire dept. for 15 and 16 years respectively. They both have been career firefighters with Great Falls for 6 years.

Mayor Hartless has stated that “the City of Great Falls has had a long standing policy of Zero Tolerance for drug use and that sort of behavior will not be tolerated on my watch.”

The Union has planned an appeal but they have stated that since the state passed a law legalizing use of Marijuana it puts public safety officials at risk. In an official statement the union stated, “If they knew where the fire was and knowing exposure could affect their careers, they should have not responded. Besides, there a small town and fires don’t burn the same there as they do here so they don’t need as many people to fight the fires.”

Mayor Hartless also was noted as stating, “Those guys were using training we [City of Great Falls] paid for if they were at the fire, so were looking into charging them with misuse of city property or unauthorized use of city property.” The Mayor went on to say that the use of these intoxicants is abhorrent and from recent reports seems to be ramped in the Allenadge fire dept.

According to the department media release Firefighter A reported to duty with a doctors slip for missing the last 2 shifts due to a hospitalization and was sent to the department doctor for further evaluation when the use of Marijuana was discovered. Firefighter A was reported as saying he was at the “Big Party” in Allenadge with the guys from there and Talmdale.

Firefighter B also reported to his station after missing two shifts and reported that he was with Firefighter A at the “Burner” in Allenadge, which made the Battalion Chief immediately suspicious, prompting him to order firefighter B to get a random drug test.

Battalion Chief Gannon told reporters “If we suspect something’s fishy we will immediately send for drug testing, and our zero tolerance policy leaves no room for discretion, but these guys want to think a “big party” is in the line of duty they are severely mistaken.

Call the Cops will keep following this story as it develops.

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