Breaking News: Many firefighters suffer smoke inhalation injuries at Medical Pot Facility

BY: Captain Dom Chaos

The Allenadge City fire department was called to a fire last night around 1 a.m. at the Dr. Raggs Weed dispensary. The Talmdale fire department initially assisted and additional manpower was later called in from several other area departments when the Battalion Chief reported the Fire was “So hot and really red.”

SmokeLt. “Mo” Derman, one of the firefighters suffering from extreme smoke inhalation told CallTheCops, “I had to go in several times without my mask to save the businesses most important papers.”

Another firefighter, Al Kema had to be transported via ambulance was heard stating he was “going for a ride on the magic carpet and wanted to stop by the pizza shop on the way to the hospital.”

Doctors at the Metro General hospital were puzzled at the bazar antics of firefighters who were overcome, and have stated that they cannot identify why firefighters are so hungry. When asked about the condition Dr. Lovejoy responded, “I think we should feel sorry that the City chooses to starve our firefighters so close to the holidays.”

Chief Marin, who was not at the scene due to a vacation day, was asked for his comments, he reported that these types of facilities are a definite concern for firefighter safety because if the Chemicals used in their operations. His entire department is closed until all firefighters are released for duty with the exception of two firefighters who did not respond.

The business owner, Leonard Spikolli, stated that he was so appreciative of firefighters efforts he and his wife “whipped up a special batch of brownies to thank firefighters.”

While the cause if the fire is under investigation, the damage is estimated at $350,000 street value. It is expected Dr. Raggs will be re-opening by New Year’s Eve.

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