Fire departments issue warning over July 4th home flame thrower novelty kits

Fire crackers, cherry bombs, M-80s and bottle rockets all have been popular in the one-ups-men-ship of the suburban dad July 4th artillery show. Now all great home fireworks of the past are about to be trumped by the home Flame Thrower.

Marketed under the name Flame Cat the home flame thrower is being sold at fireworks stands across the USA.

Fire chief’s from all over are horrified at this new home novelty celebration toy. “In the past we were worried about the EMS issues from fireworks.” said Fire Marshal Bill. “The EMS crews would be dealing with missing fingers and patches of burned skin. Let me tell you something, now I fear we will be missing a full neighborhood.”

The Chinese company marketing this device, Happy Fun Boom Boom Time, insists it is a safe toy fun for the whole family. “The Flame Cat comes with a 215 page user guide for safe operation” said a company spokesperson. “As long as responsible, sober, adults are using the device noting can go wrong.”

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