North Korea Hacking Police Parking Ticket Databases

The Police Chief of a small Wisconsin Town of Plattburg received an unusual email earlier this week. A message saying his officers were to prevent the local movie theater from showing The Interview, or else. Now today this Chief found out what the “Or Else” was, his parking ticket database erased.

InterviewAccording to the chief parking tickets are a major revenue system for the city. By having the database deleted all the unpaid tickets have been voided. In addition the hackers put in a virus that deletes all newly entered citations. Meaning until this issue is taken care of the city is losing money.

“We talked to the local theater about stopping their showings of The Interview. The owner though said he has had sold out showing every showing for days now. Considering there is not another theater for 100 miles showing he is getting loads of business from people traveling to see film. So it is unlikely he will pull it.”

Plattburg officers find the situation funny. They don’t much care for some of the parking duties they get assigned and hate being seen as income machines. As one anonymous officer put it, “this gets me back to doing real police work. Hey if pissing off the North Koreans causes the city manager to not get a raise next year it is well worth it!”

North Korea said they have nothing to do with deleting parking tickets in tiny American villages.

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