Police officer ashamed his son became an EMT

Officer Stanly Wojciehowicz is a long time veteran police officer from the 12th precinct. Known as Wojo to his friends he has always been a dedicated father to his twins, a boy named James, and a girl Kate.

EMT graduationLast year Wojo was amused when his daughter joined the fire department. He always knew she was not going to follow in her father’s footsteps as a cop. Wojo was proud nonetheless that she became a city employee like himself.

This morning Wojo found his world shaken when James came home to announce he was going to become an EMT. James served in the US Navy as a hospital corpsman. As a corpsman James did two tours in Iraq with US Marines on the frontlines.

“I always assumed he would become a police officer like me. He went into the Navy and volunteered for combat medic duty. When he came home I assumed he would join the force, start the next academy class.”

Wojo tells us he had a few conversations with his son about police work over the past few weeks. According to Wojo, his son seemed to be into the idea of starting the police academy.

“For two weeks he smiled and nodded his head. Then today he tells me how he just took a job with some dam private ambulance company. How the hell am I going to tell the boys at the precinct my son is an ambulance driver?”

When his daughter joined the fire department Wojo says a few guys gave him a hard time. The guys just chalked up her decision to being a female.

“I will never live down this embarrassment. July is when I am eligible for retirement, was not thinking I would do it this year. Depending on how this thing with Jimmy plays out I might just have to pull the pin.”

James Wojciehowicz was not willing to talk on the record. He did assure us that he is both proud and excited to start working as an EMT. His future plans include getting his paramedic license.

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