Story Retracted …

The story that had been published here has been removed.

That story was based on some real events such as depicted in this Television news report…

This story is being removed for 2 reasons.

1st – very disrespectful comments being made that are disarranging towards people based on race.

I have been deleting comments on an hourly basis for people using words and slang terms that are not acceptable. I will not tolerate racist hate on a page I operate. So by not having the posting up that should stop the racist people from posting their hate here.

2nd – General officer safety issues and respect for the police profession.

People who do not know about CallTheCops took the story as 100% real and have shared it over and over. Officer safety bulletins have been created off the story.

Issues with toy guns vs real guns are real and officers need to be alert at all time. I do not what to create undue paranoia about what is going on out on the street.

Sorry for any confusion and be safe out there.

About Staff

The staff at the CallTheCops are all people who now or at one time did work as police, firefighters, in EMS and even dispatch.