Nature Based Natural Health Solutions to offer “Green” alternatives for EMS medications and equipment.

Guest Reporting by: Freelance journalist and interpretive dancer Randolph Tannhauser,
and Hedley Lamarr, Assistant Attorney General and State Procurer.

Leo Bloom, A former EMT from Boulder Colorado went to Burning Man last year. After ingesting ayuhuasca and sitting in a sweat lodge for six hours he says he had a vision. He went in to the sweat lodge as an EMT and came out as an entrepreneur in the “green” health care market. He returned to boulder and with his former college roommate, Lorenzo St. DuBois, founded Nature Based Natural Health Solutions.

agave sweetened D50

agave sweetened D50

As of August this year Nature Based Natural Health Care is pioneering a holistic approach to EMS treatments and is proudly offering the following products. Orders can be placed through their web site and through medical supply companies.

  • 0.9% Sea Salt and Pink Himalayan Salt solution in a one liter BPA free bag.
  • GMO Free, Stevia and Agave Nectar sweetened D50.
  • Vegan friendly soybean plastic IV angiocatheters.
  • Sustainably harvested Organic Coconut Oil electrode gel and massage oil.
  • Certified gluten free, fair trade amiodarone.

“Even though we are trying to make people feel better in the back of the ambulance we realized we were filling their body full of toxins and chemicals with our medications from BigPharma. We thought there has to be a better way, using things that are, you know…natural and free of chemicals. I ran in to Lorenzo at a drum circle in the park last fall and when I told him about my idea, he signed on immediately.”

Bloom handles the medical aspect and product development while St. Dubois is the CFO and business manager. When asked about his business training St. Dubois said, “You know man….I sold some things, uh things I can’t really, you know, say what I sold man, you know what I mean? But I sold a lot of things to people, mostly in concert parking lots” St. Dubois also stated he has seen all the episodes of Shark Tank that are available for free on Hulu.

Bloom said he has two projects in current development. He is attempting to manufacture a compostable emesis bags. Bloom said that patients “produce a lot of compostable waste, such as vomit and feces that goes to waste. We could be making composting it and making a dank soil out of that and grow crops in it” He envisions every ambulance having a compost bin right next to the trash can and the sharps container

Additionally he is currently collaborating with Franz “moonstone” Liebkind, a local unlicensed Chiropractor, energy healer and self-appointed urban shaman, to get FDA approval on an artisanal and locally sourced Intravenous Kombucha. He hopes to begin human trials on the IV Kombucha as early as December of this year.

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