Ferguson Paramedics being issued weapons for self defense in preparations for riots

EMTs and Paramedics in the greater St Louis area are getting apprehensive of the impending riots. They know they will need to respond to injuries and medical aid calls. They also fear they will have to defend themselves.

“We will give crew chiefs a revolver with five rounds loaded” Said crew chief Tom Lawrence “Only us crew chiefs get guns. The PD has told us if we call for help it could take fifteen minutes to an hour for an officer to respond so we need to hold our own.”

EMS Weapon

Weapon or EMS Tool?

In response to these fears the the individual paramedics and EMTs are buying up Palm O2 Wrenches. The Palms were initially designed to be ergonomic tool. But many in EMS have realized it looks like a mini set of brass knuckles.

Medics with many of the area EMS services have been warned they are not allowed to carry any weapons. Crew chief Lawrence figures the O2 wrench is way around the no weapons order. He is arming his staff with these Palm devices.

Lawrence says “This is a tool designed to open O2 Tanks. Yes it has a little point for a window punch but it is not a weapon. As such my men and women WILL carry them no matter what the politicians try to say.”

EMTs and Paramedics feel this will give them a fighting chance. With each crew only getting one gun, loaded with five rounds they want any advantage they can have.

Protest leaders are outraged. “First you arm the cops with military weapons. Then you call in the army. Now you are arming up the ambulance drivers! I swear all this city wants to do is squash our RIGHT TO RIOT for not seeing justice in this case.”

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