Parking enforcement boots fire engine blocking hydrant, at a fire scene!

Firefighters at a fire scene today were amazed by the actions of city Parking Enforcement bureau officers. Their fire engine was booted for being in violation of city parking laws, namely blocking a fire hydrant.

Fire Engine with boot

Fire Engine with boot

The crew from Engine 42 tell CallTheCops that there is a parking agent who keeps harassing them at every fire scene. Captain Chalmer tell us, “She comes to every fire scene and issues us a ticket for blocking a hydrant. We try to tell her we are hooked up but she says there is no excuses for breaking the law. So after every fire call I go down to city hall and have the ticket voided.”

Parking agent Krabappel told CallTheCops this, “I am getting so sick of these firemen thinking they are above the law. No parking means NO PARKING. I know I have issued engine 42 over a hundred tickets. That by city law deems it a nuisance vehicle. So I have the right to boot it and get it towed to our impound lot. Then they have to see the judge to get it back.”

Captain Chalmer said when the tow truck driver showed up he took the boot off and offered apologies for the mishap. The crew is understandably unnerved and worry if Krabappel is some kind of stalker.

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