NYPD gives all cops Christmas off

Commissioner Bratton says that based on the public’s negative feelings towards the police it is obvious they [the public] likely don’t need officers for the holiday. He also adds that protestors heckling officers at the memorial for two assassinated officers pushed him over the line.

NYPD“I asked the mayor for permission to block off the area so protestors would have to keep back and allow the grieving officers some peace. He ignored me.”

The NYPD has done an amazing job of lowing the crime rate in New York City over the past few years. But in recent weeks no one cares about safe streets all the public wants to talk about is alleged brutality issues.

“Hey the Mayor will be at home for Christmas. Al Sharpton will be home for Christmas. Obama will be on vacation in Hawaii for Christmas. So why should my men and women be working out on the cold streets?”

All the upper administration feel the Commissioner is making the right decision. They also want to take it one step further by giving the PD dispatch staff off also. Callers looking for police will hear “leave a message and we will get back to you after the holiday break.”

FDNY says fire and EMS crews will keep working. They caution that with out police to secure scenes they might hold back on shooting calls until the PD is back to work.

Mayor Bill de Blasio has not returned calls or emails asking for comment.

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