Dispatchers suspended for inappropriate “Happy New Years” communications

Overnight dispatchers in 5 different American cities were suspended for inappropriate conduct on duty. Their sin was wishing the public safety workers Happy New Years over the official radio channel.

Dispatch Center

A Dispatch Center

Des Moines, IA – Police dispatcher is suspended for 3 days. Shortly before midnight a traffic officer made a stop on a speeding vehicle. After doing field sobriety testing the officer decided the driver was over the legal limit. Right at midnight the arrest was made. When the officer called “10-95, 10-55” (cop talk for arresting a DUI) the dispatcher replied with, “10-4, Happy New Year and congratulations on the first arrest of the year”.

Milwaukee, WI – A fire department dispatcher will be getting a week off for her page out. Right at midnight an automated alarm system called in an alarm at a local business. When the dispatcher toned out the Engine Company she said this. “Happy New Year to Engine 32, and you boys get the honor of the first BS call of the year…”

Loveland, CO – A 911 dispatcher is on indefinite leave for how he took a call on the 911-call line. He answered the call “911, what’s your New Year emergency?” Then later in the call he said, “Despite this minor hiccup I hope you will be having an overall happy 2014”. This part time dispatcher might be let go due to this conversation.

Conroe, TX – A dispatcher for an EMS service will be off two days for how he sent an ambulance crew a cardiac arrest call just after midnight. Over the radio he said “medic 314 pulse-less non-breather at [address redacted to comply with HIPAA]. Medic 314 either you are going to have a Happy New Year with the first save, or will you be jinxing us by killing the first patient in 2014?”

Dover, NH – A dispatcher with the county sheriff’s department will be off for 2 weeks following her transmission over the county channel. While watching Dick Clarks Rockin New Years Eve she decided to announce to all the road deputies the New Year. At ten seconds to midnight she turned up the volume on the TV set and keyed her microphone. Over the county channel the count down and Happy New Years was all broadcast.

We here at call the cops want to pledge our support to all the dispatchers and all the work they do.

We also want to make sure all you know that we wish everyone Happy New Year!

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