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EMT on suspension after pooping pants three shifts in a row

Paramedics and doctor

EMT Eric Stercus decided to lose some weight for New Years. After talking to friends and co-workers he decided to add a high fiber body detox cleanse to his weight loss regime. Unfortunately the high fiber detox made bowl movements too easy and multiple pant filling accidents have taken place.

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Mayor DeBlasio looking to disband the NYPD

Mayor DeBlasio - by John Moore/Getty Images

In the wake of recent events the Mayor of New York city is looking at options to disband the NYPD. Sources close to the Mayor tell CallTheCops that between NYPD cops disrespecting the Mayor and the current work slowdown it is obvious the NYPD is beyond help.

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Fire Dept. develops new Medical Marijuana Policy


In response to the Legalization medical Marijuana grow operations and dispensaries Allenadge Fire Chief Jimmy Marin expressed concerns that it was merely a matter of time before his department was “stuck dealing with" an emergency at one of these facilities.

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