Advice: Want to work for police department but need night weekends off

Dear RJ,

I want to work in Police work, but due to family issues I need to make sure I don’t have to work nights and weekends. I am just about to start my last semester, as a CJ major so will be looking for jobs soon. Do you think I should try to become a detective or to work in like CSI?

Future LEO


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Dear Future LEO,

I realize you are in your last semester of college, but my advise to you is to change your major right now… seriously, right this second… you are no longer a Criminal Justice student.

If I were you I would switch over to education. Become a grade school teacher. That is about the only profession that does not work nights and weekends.

Years ago we talked about “Bankers Hours”. My buddy works at a bank; he works past 8pm most nights and works Saturdays a lot. Even banks want to be open longer in an effort to make sure they can make more money.

Lets face it detective or CSI are not entry-level jobs. These are promotions, as in things you need to earn. How does someone earn a promotion… work your ass off on night shift during the weekend… you know as in the times police are busy.

Can I ask you a question?

Why would you think that investigators only work in the daytime?

Has watching CSI and NCIS been more of a learning experience than going to class at your half-ass college?

Yeah on TV the crime scenes always take place in the daytime. Because cameras used to record a show need light. Sun light is cheep and easy so TV show to save costs film as much in the day light as possible.

The rest of us non-TV cops work at night, in the rain, in the cold, in the dark, and in all the other horrible conditions that make up a true criminal justice experience.

If you truly want to be in police work… close the textbook, turn off the TV and go on a ride-a-long. Most cops know way more than some college PhD.

Don’t like it… go be a school teacher… nuff said…

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