Sudden appearance of Black Fire Engines fuels NSA conspiracy theorists

The citizens of Montreal were startled to see Black Fire apparatus rolling down their streets this week. When a few photos made it onto social media Conspiracy Theorists went nuts.

Image from Cosmo Santamaria's twitter @cosmoBT

Image from Cosmo Santamaria’s twitter @cosmoBT

Scores of USA based, tinfoil hat loving, anti government experts jumped on to the story as proof that president Obama was about to institute a full on police state and kick off the so called new world order.

When it was pointed out that Montreal was in Canada, not the US the conspiracy theories went into overdrive. According to one theorist “see the NSA has secret camps in the woods of Canada. They are training for the take over up there out of our watchful eye. They can just drive right over the US / Canada border…”

We then asked why Fire Trucks and the theorist said. “Everyone loves a fireman. You see a fire truck drive up and you think… oh hey cool I can open my door firemen are nice, they are my friends… but then you open your door and it is not the fire department it is the jack booted thugs from the NSA… there to take you away and put you into a re-education camp… just wait… you will see… “

We at CallTheCops know this is not an NSA conspiracy… it is a protest by city workers over some union thing… read more about the real story here…

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