Police officer admits to volunteering for Thanksgiving overtime to avoid the in-laws

Officer Steve Johnson has been accused of a horrible offense. No Officer Johnson did not break the law, he used an overtime shift to get out of going to spend the weekend with his wife’s family.

Police-StockOriginally Johnson should have had off Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. The family plan was to take two cars for the five hour drive to visit her family. He was then going to head home alone late on Friday to work. His wife and kids would return home Sunday.

But then on Tuesday the plans got changed. Another officer slipped on some ice and sprained his ankle. That officer being off created overtime for Thursday. Officer Johnson jumped at the chance to take that shift. But he told his wife he was ordered to do it by the sergeant.

Unfortunately this morning at the shift briefing the officer was bragging about his trickery. A night shift officer went home and told his wife about Officer Johnson. His wife then called Mrs. Johnson and told her. She then called her husband on his cell.

“What can I say. She had good evidence I lied about being forced to take the OT. So I came clean and told her I volunteered for it. She knows I hate her brother and his wife so she should not be surprised I would rather work than spend a weekend at his house.”

When asked if given the chance change his mind about taking the OT the officer said “NO”.

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