New FEMA/USFA Consensus Standard of Firefighter Rapid Intervention Terminology

As many of you know the USFA and FEMA are under executive order to standardize all terminology used in NIMS. Here is what CallTheCops most recently learned:

RIT Team

RIT Teams get a new Name

Rapid Intervention Teams (RIT) Rapid Intervention Crews (RIC) and Firefighter Assistance and Search Teams (FAST) all describe the same function and therefor have been called upon to be brought under standard terminology. The Folks at FEMA, have created a blue ribbon panel to study the situation and come up with a standardized name. After numerous meetings, lunches, dinners and retreats at least two of which were in the Caymans (the light helps you review files better) the panel has come up with a few suggestions of each of the previous names then a legislator learned of this and recalling the debacle which occurred regarding tanker/tender in the 1990’s (renaming of 35,000 vehicles for 35 aircraft) he suggested a completely new name e developed so as to not offend anyone.

Since these groups, help with the assistance and rescue of trapped or disoriented firefighters, they decided the name should reflect this function. Further, NIMS should address this function under the safety officer for these teams; this group should be dynamic to incorporate day to day operations as well as multi alarm responses. The New NIMS name for this type of group is called a Firefighter Assistance and Rescue Team (F.A.R.T.) further, the officer of the F.A.R.T. team is called the FART.

For Multi Alarm incidents supplemental FART teams may be utilized throughout the fire ground, these supplemental teams referred to as “Supplemental Help and Assistance Teams” (S.H.A.R.T).

The New staff position under the safety officer position in charge of the assistance teams at multi alarm responses shall be referred to as the Supplemental Help, Assistance and Rescue Director (SHARD).

To further aid in the transition the IAFC and FEMA have teamed up and created the new NIMS FART manual which should be coming down the pipe soon. Further incentives to adopt the process will include a competition to show off your FART and SHART skills, the competition will take place at the annual Fire Chiefs conference immediately following the Chili Cook off. Departments are encourage to send crews to show off their Chili making and FART Skills.

For further assistance on this program please contact FEMA – Community Out-Reach for Public Safety Education (CORPSE):

Please post this contact information on your station wall.

Executive Director Thomas Tutone and schedule with his Administrative Assistant Jennifer (202)867-5309.

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