Police officer fired in the aftermath caused by botched Vasectomy

Officer Matt Vena from the Globus police department was terminated earlier this week after a culmination of events that started with his vasectomy. The termination resulted from Officer Vena trying to provide proof his surgery had resulted in negative side effects.

vasectomy-cartoonDuring his pre surgery consultation Matt was told to expect to be off duty as a police officer for three to seven days. Chief Johnson told the officer he would keep him off the schedule for five days and if the officer needed more time to ask for it.

Three days after the surgery Matt noticed his pain was increasing along with swelling. By day four the swelling had caused his testicals to be the size of a racketball. On day five this texticals had swelled up to the size of baseballs.

So late in the day on day five Officer Vena called Chief Johnson. He told the chief he was very swollen and in too much pain. There was no way he would be into work for a few more days. The Chief told his officer the Matt was needed in the next day, so the chief ordered Matt to rest and be in for his shift in twentyfour hours.

The next day Matt’s testicals were still baseball size. When he called in the chief said he thought Matt was lying. The two men argued on the phone for over five minutes. Eventually the chief ordered Matt in “or else”.

Matt tells CallTheCops “I was sooo mad. I took a photo of the swelled up testicals and emailed it to the chief. Five minutes later the city HR department is calling me saying I have been fired for sending pornography on the city email system and sexually harassing the chief.”

Union officials say they are looking into the matter.

Chief Johnson was not available for comment at the time of publication.

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