Local Coffee Shops block Neflix access on WiFi, EMT Moral hit all time low

When not on a call for service area Ambulances park in strategic locations around the city, otherwise known as sitting on Post. Most crews post someplace where there is free WiFi access. Local coffee shops had become very popular posting spots, till about two weeks ago.

Netflix on MDC

An Ambulance with Netflix on the MDC

Over the last two weeks EMS crews have reported that WiFi access at most coffee shops has become restricted. While they can still access Facebook, and ESPN, crews are reporting they have no access to streaming video services.

Bean Daddies was the first coffee shop to block access to Netflix. With in three days most locally owned and franchise coffee shops had blocked Netflix. Many had also blocked Hulu and Amazon Prime Video.

The owner of Bean Daddies, Joseph Perkers, said EMTs mooching his WiFi had adversely affected other customers.

“Look I am happy to give the local Paramedics and EMTs free WiFi. They usually stop in multiple times a day to buy coffee. But on slow shifts they sit there binge watching TV and Movies. This slows down the WiFi for people in the shop using the service for work or school.”

According to Mr. Perkers he got at least one complaint per day about slow Internet speeds. After blocking streaming video services, he has only gotten one slow speed complaint in two full weeks.

Local EMTs have had mixed feeling about the issue. Some understand the economics of running a business. Others see this as a personal slight against the profession. One EMT would only talk to us if we would not publish his name said this.

“Face it, EMS is the red headed step kid of public safety. Everyone loves the firefighters. People might not love cops, but the pigs get free coffee all the time. Us in EMS, we aint nothing till you need us. God for bid watching Star Wars the Clone Wars slows down someone else playing Farmville when drinking a latte.”

Local EMS Director Leroy Kelly says he expects his people to be productive when sitting post.

“Why are they playing online anyhow? We have stacks of EMS magazines, written training materials, and equipment check lists. When sitting post they should be working on professional development by reading. Or they should triple check the equipment is ready for the next call.”

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