Fire chief in hot water over pyramid scheme recruitment

Chief Dan McDaniel is currently suspended from duty as the city investigates allegations of using his department to recruit for pyramid schemes his family works. The chief and his wife are distributors for multiple direct sales marketing programs. Allegedly a requirement of being a member of the FD is to sign up for one of their direct selling programs.

Screen Shot 2015-03-22 at 1.00.35 PMWhistle blower Eric Eisenburg, tells CallTheCops “When I joined the volunteer fire department the chief called me into his office. Next thing I know I am signing up to buy and sell diet supplements. At first I OK with it. The a few months later the chief is riding my ass saying I am not selling enough volume and have not recruited anyone to sell in my downline.”

Once FF Eisenburg came forward other volunteers came forward also. They all describe how the chief or his wife talked them into selling supplements, makeup, candles, or adult toys.

One firefighter who wants to be anonymous said “The chief promised I could quit my day job and become a full time volunteer firefighter just like him. All I needed to do was follow the system. But the system was all about going to training weekends at expensive hotels and buying more product to make it to the next level. All I did was waste my savings account and piss off friends who I was always trying to recruit.”

The fire chief was not willing to comment on if he forced members to join his pyramid programs. He did how ever leave us with this message. “Hey corporate America is the real pyramid not MLM… think about one CEO making a million on top of a few VPs making big bucks on top of loads of blue collar workers making peanuts.”

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