Airport locked down and flights delayed due to phone game app

A teenager playing a popular new game on his phone is being blamed for causing a shut down of Waldo Pepper airport. The game, BomberCode, caused confusion with TSA agents who put the airport on lockdown.

TSA Checkpoint

TSA Checkpoint

The incident started as the unidentified teen was in line for the security checkpoint with his family. His mother commented to the teen he needed to put his phone away and be ready to show his ID to the agent at the checkpoint. He responded, “Mom just hold on, I need to defuse this last bomb…”

TSA agents on high alert after the machete incident in New Orleans earlier this week jumped into action upon hearing the teen’s statement.

A witness described the action. “Dude it was amazing. Check this we were getting ready to fly to Florida for spring break. But then all these dudes in blue uniforms come rushing at us. At first I thought they might be coming for me, you know cuz maybe I still had some weed in my pants. But they rushed past me and tackled this kid. My buddy was like ‘WOAH the 5-0 just jacked that little man’. I was all like trying to get my cell phone out to tape it, I thought if they shot this kid I got to upload this shit fast”

The teen did not resist arrest and thus the use of force by TSA was minimal.

Once in the interview room the teen was able to prove he was just playing a game. Soon all the TSA agents had downloaded the app to their iPhones and Android devices and were playing it also.

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