WJBK/Fox 2 issues explanation on #STFU, then offers RJ Beam Reporter job

Recently there has been controversy with the Fox Affiliate in Detroit for making up a story based on a photo of an EMT at a crash scene. The story alleged that paramedics were posing for funny photos at a crash scene. The climax of the controversy was when a reporter sent a twitter message to Blogger Scott Kier with the tag #STFU.


Fox2 #STFU Tweet

In the weeks after the story ran Fox2 has deleted the story. They however have yet to publish an apology for telling lies about the EMS crew that responded to this crash. Even the photographer who took the photo has messaged the news station to say the story was wrong.

Fox2 stands by their reporter to the point of issuing a statement about how the reporter was hurt by the “cyber bullying” she has been victimized by. They are also standing by Reporter Maurelle Lue for the #STFU tweet.

According to sources at Fox2 #STFU was a typo. Her tweet was intended to be #STFI, meaning Stop The Facebook Insults. As in she was trying to end the cyber bulling her fellow reporter was facing.

In the phone conversation we had with Fox2 CallTheCops was told. “Look at her tweet. She is asking for an apology in her first sentence. Then after the #STFU is the tag #follower. She was telling that rude blogger he was just following along in the bullying and needed to stop the insults.”

We asked if the station would be providing a written apology. “No we trust that getting the story out on CallTheCops should be enough. You and your staff is such a better respected news source than us here at Fox2 are.”

At this point the phone conversation took an unexpected turn. Fox2 offered me a job!

“RJ, I have been following your reporting for a few months now. I am amazed how you can dig deep into a story and find out the dirty that so few others can. I think you would be perfect for the Fox2 news team. What would it take to get you to move to Detroit? Seriously name your salary, you are about ten times better than most of our staff here, and likely more honest also.”

Due to personal integrity issues I politely declined the offer.

To find out a more about what happened at this crash scene check out the coverage from Dave Statter.

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