Unveiling of New CPR Device Does Not Go As Planned

The staff at the Delucia Ambulance Service in Delucia, Nebraska was surprised to see the turnout for the unveiling of their new CPR assist device, but it was not for the reason that they thought.


LUCAS 2 CPR device NOT the 1986 football movie.

“There were over two hundred people outside the station,” Chief Richard Roubach told Call the Cops, “We take a lot of pride in the work that we do in Delucia, and the addition of this new piece of equipment is very important for the community. The turnout was surprising, but it was not for the reason that we expected.”

The Delucia Ambulance Service recently purchased three LUCAS 2 CPR assist devices from Physio Control Corporation. The machines are designed to perform CPR compressions in place of a rescuer, Roubach told us. To advertise the event, flyers were put up around town and an online advertisement was posted on the town’s website that read “Come see the Lucas 2!”

On the day of the ceremony, more than two hundred people were waiting outside of the station faithfully chanting “Lucas” in unison, but they were not there to see the department’s new equipment.

John Shadworth is the president of a group called “We Love Lucas” a devoted fan club of the 1986 movie Lucas that was written and directed by David Seltzer and starred Corey Haim and Charlie Sheen. “We thought the long awaited sequel had finally come out,” Shadworth said, “it has been talked about for years, and we finally thought it was happening.” Sporting t-shirts that said “I’m Lucas ‘2’” and carrying signs numerous quotes from the original movie, the group realized that their expectations were misplaced when the town’s mayor stood up to speak.

“There was a misprint on the flyer,” Mayor Kerry Greenstein told reporters, “It read that the dedication speech would be given by Kerri Green.” Green played the female lead in the 1986 movie. Greenstein is a 65 year old retired plumber and second term mayor.

Although Shadworth said the group was disappointed, the day was not a complete loss. To make up for the misunderstanding Roubach and his staff put on a spur of the moment CPR class, and helped teach the two hundred movie fans hands only CPR.

Calls placed to David Seltzer and were not immediately returned.

Additional reporting by Medic SBK

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