Texas Village freaks out over missing cops with the start of Operation Jade Helm

Residents of EL Crédulo Texas have taken to social media to warn the world of martial law is coming. Operation Jade Helm, a alleged military training operation, is only a few hours old and residents noticed EL Crédulo police have vanished.

JadeHelmTrouble started when local resident Wayne Mossguard woke up to find his lawn gnome missing. Mossguard has never needed the police before so he googled “El Crédulo Police” to get the phone number. “I knew a stolen gnome was not an emergency so calling 911 was not appropriate. When I tried to google the local cop shop, it said the police don’t exist.”

In a panic Mossguard posted to Facebook about the local police going missing.

Within minutes dozens of El Crédulo residents commenting how the military must have taken over the police as the first step in martial law. People living in other Texas villages are also reporting a lack of local police.

Large cities like Dallas and Houston still have police on duty. Conspiracy theorists suggest the military is starting with small town police and working up to the larger cities.

According to data from the Texas Department of Justice, El Crédulo is an unincorporated village of only 1,200 people. Their crime rate is so low it is unmeasurable. As such the village does not have nor has it ever had a police department.

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