New fire gloves to allow smart phone operation with gloves still on

Are you sick of never getting that awesome photo of yourself at a fire scene because touch screen phones don’t work with gloves on? Well ProDex gloves has been listening to firefighters and created a new glove with touch screen tips.

The NFPA compliant gloves will have a special nano polymer coating that gives the gloves the conductive properties touch screens need. Meaning firefighter don’t have to take off gloves to get cool action shots or better yet selfies.

Touch screen phones work by having a small voltage pass across the face of the screen. When the user’s finger comes in contact with the screen the voltage is altered at that point. Typical fire gloves will insulate the finger so it will not change the voltage passing down the screen. By adding conductive nano polymers the glove alters the voltage just like a finger.

Makes of general winter gloves have been making products like this for years. Soon after smart phones came on the market people in cold climates found they could not use the gloves without taking them off.

Fire Chiefs are heralding this as quantum leap in PPE technology. Many chiefs envision massive moral boosts at their departments.

Chief Kasier from the Shelby Valley fire said this. “my guys never get to be in cool action shots. The cops are always uploading selfies at drug busts. Buy any time the FD guys try to take fireground selfies it is not practical due to taking off gloves and burned fingers. With these gloves my boys will have some of the best instagram uploads out there. They will be so happy.”

ProDex says the new gloves will be on the market sometime in the spring of 2015. Cost has not been set but they feel it will be close to conventional structural firefighting glove prices.

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