Leaked FBI report: ISIS funding anti police groups to soften the US for attack

A document leaked from a source inside the FBI shows that ISIS has been backing anti police groups to weaken the trust Americans have in local law enforcement. The theory being that mistrust in the police should lower the likelihood of someone tipping off police to the terrorist plans.

isisOur source told CallTheCops that ISIS has been very active on social media sites creating content that is anti police. Other ISIS members share and like these posts to ensure they all go viral. “This is a propaganda war. The terrorist want the average citizen to fear your local officer friendly. As far as we can tell right now the bad guys are winning.”

Internal FBI memos detail how prior terror plots have been foiled by tips called into local police by concerned neighbors. Now in many locations people distrust the police so much they fear calling in these vital tips.

“Just wait. Right now everyone is calling for cops to do less police work. Be less aggressive. Give up all their military gear. But what will everyone be saying the day after ISIS hits us right in the middle of the heartland? I bet you people will ask why the first line of defense… the local cops were not able to do more…”

So the next time something from CopBlock or other anti police pages shows up in your newsfeed, remember by clicking “Like” you are supporting the ISIS agenda.

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