Police to use purple uniforms to “soften image”

Last week the President called for police to soften up uniforms to improve public relations. In response the Department of Justice is getting ready to field test new uniforms in friendly colors. Various shades of Purple are being tested as it seems to be universally thought of as a color of friendship.


Two shades of purple to be tested for police

Senior DOJ officials say the idea for purple came up when a college intern made a comment about popular children’s show Barney the purple dinosaur. “So there we were talking about how to soften up the image of the police. Someone in the room asks us all what we think about when ever we think about friendly. No one says a word. Then the kid delivering us coffee says ‘I always think about Barney’…”

It was a eureka moment for the DOJ staff members. “Everyone, even people who hate him, think that dam purple dinosaur is a icon of friendship and love.”

The question now is what color purple. So to find out various shades of purple will be tests are selected cities. Random poll of the population will be done to find out opinions of the local police before the news uniforms roll out.

After a month a follow up survey will take place. A month after that a second follow up survey will happen. The results will be analyzed to see if some shades score better than others. The top shade or shades will then become the national standard for Police uniforms.

No word for the DOJ if federal grant money will be given to cities to cover the costs of buying new uniforms once the national standard is established.

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